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I love exercising in Cheap Sexy Lingerie, who doesn’t?

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She is one of the hot young models on the scene.

And Hailey Baldwin certainly raised temperatures as her LOVE advent calendar shoot was unveiled on Wednesday.

The model, 21, is the latest stunner to take part in the magazine's annual countdown to Christmas, and she provided one of the most provocative clips of the season.

Showing off her incredible figure in sheer white Cheap Sexy Lingerie and a suspender belt, the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin hit the gym.

She worked up a sweat as she practised her balance, flaunting her pert behind as she squatted.

And it seems working out in her Cheap Sexy Lingerie isn't anything new for the beauty.

She exclaims: 'I love exercising in Cheap Sexy Lingerie I mean who doesn’t?'

Her video comes hot on the heels of the controversial shoot involving one of her best pals, Gigi Hadid.

She caused a strong - and mixed - reaction when she appeared to display her 'armpit hair' in a provocative clip for the LOVE advent calendar.

But Gigi Hadid's unshaven look during the lycra-clad shoot, where she displayed her impressive boxing moves, was actually a result of a wardrobe mishap, it's been claimed by TMZ.

Sources told the publication, the supermodel's fuzz was actually 'loose fibres and residue left behind from a cropped navy jacket she was wearing on set.'

Continuing on, the source suggested that remnants of her jacket seemed to stuck to her pits after she worked up a sweat in the athletic video.

On Monday, Gigi got people talking as she proudly showed off her biceps in the clip - but also showed that she had perhaps eased up on her grooming routine.

Rather than mentioning the powerful imagery, fans flocked to Instagram to discuss her body hair - and it certainly divided opinion.

Cheap Sexy Lingerie

One wrote: 'Does she have hair in her armpits???', while another fans defended her, writing: 'YES GIGI YES!'

Another viewer insisted they had been 'distracted' by the look, commenting: 'Her armpit hair was too distracting for me to watch the video. That should of been shaved. This magazine should of known this before shooting and releasing this video. Just not a clean look!'

However, one fan rallied against the criticism, insisting they were all 'missing the point'.

They wrote: 'For all of you women commenting rude words and hating on this: You are missing the main point of this Cheap Sexy Lingerie campaign.

'While you're thinking 'shame on Gigi for not shaving her armpits and letting me see them on Instagram (omg I won't sleep tonite)' you should really feel ashamed of yourself for showing us yet again that unity and unconditional love and support between each other is far from happening until there are these social boundaries that really exist nowhere but in your minds.'

Gigi herself shared a statement as the video was released, writing: 'I love seeing everyone else's videos. It's celebratory of epic human beings and always pushes boundaries. The fashion circle is a family, so the Love Advent kind of feels like a Holiday Year Book in a way.'

The beauty - who walked in the Victoria's Secret show last year - has previously discussed her grooming routine for the very revealing catwalk show.

She said: 'I didn't get a Brazilian. I know that the girls who get the body paint do, but I didn't do body paint, so it wasn't too hard.'

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